Healthy Nutrition

Correct nutrition is an important aspect and can help to keep the cholesterol level balanced and to protect the arteries against encrustation. The so-called Crete diet has proved to be a particularly effective form of protection. Despite its title “diet”, this form of nutrition has nothing to do with strict calorie-counting and boring food. Lots of vegetables and fruit, food rich in carbohydrates and valuable vegetable oil, supplemented by moderate portions of fish and meat, make this diet particularly tasty and varied. Even a little wine is permitted.

If you consult an encyclopaedia about Canola Oil, you will find that it is a yellow-flowering cruciferous plant sowed annually. This most important indigenous oil plant supplies Canola Oil and Canola Oil fat from its seeds. The fact that Canola Oil, margarine and other foods gained from Canola Oil have a justified place in our diet has only been discovered in recent years by the so-called Lyon heart study.

This proves clearly that Canola Oil has a highly beneficial effect in protecting the heart due to its fatty acid composition.

Mountainview Canola
Omega 3,6,9
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Reduces belly fat if taken 3 weeks in a row 1 ½ tbs a day!
Good for your skin anti-aging due to the high vitamin E.

Mountainview Cold Pressed Oil Health Values