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Why is having a product that is non GMO important.  The seeds are naturally selected.  Mountainview only uses the highest quality non GMO seeds.  We want our oil to be as healthy as possible for our consumers, that is why we do not use any chemicals in the process of making our oil.  We use a natural gravity as our filter, and we do not preheat the seeds to get more oil out.  We use our crushed seeds to make our livestock healthier.

What is the significance of using an oil that is high in OMEGAS?

Your health is important, that is why!  Mountainview Cold Pressed Canola is bursting with benefits!  Omega fatty acids have specific roles that help to oversee our overall health.  Oleic acid is attractive from a health perspective.  The Good fats help with:

  1. Promoting Cell development
  2. Improve your bodies ability to absorb vitamins
  3. Promote healthy nerve activity
  4. Prevent Strokes
  5. Prevent Diabetes
  6. Boost and maintain your bodies immunity
  7. Prevent Coronary heart disease
  8. Promote belly fat loss
  9. Increase health with vitamin K

Get OMEGA-ified!  20-30% of our energy should be obtained from dietary fats-good fats say Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Did you know that energy comes from FAT? High protein diets do not need to compromise our body’s ability to gain health from fats.  Balance, that is the key!

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