Cold Pressed Canola

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Mountainview Canola:

Our High Quality Cold Pressed Canola Oil is made from 100% pure Canadian non-GMO Canola seed.  We use no preservatives or chemicals in our processing.  We offer a complete whole oil that keeps it’s natural colour, as well as distinct flavour and healthy antioxidant compounds.

Perfect for EVERYTHING!


bread dips
salad dressings

Our seeds are produced in Western Canada. Clearfield is top grade Canola seed grown locally.  The Clearfield Canola that we grow is a NON GMO seed that has been naturally selected instead of genetically modified.

Our Canola oil is manufactured using a controlled low temperature process, which helps retains the oil’s natural colour and healthy compounds.  This technique does not require the use of any solvents, bleaches, deodorizers or chemical degumming. This means that no chemicals come into contact with the oil during its creation.

Why is it superior?

It keeps its natural colour , flavour and its antioxidant compounds, which are sometimes removed in conventional vegetable oil production.  This Cold Pressed Process results in canola oil that is healthier.

  • Rich in Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids
  • Higher Omega 3 content, extremely low saturated fat, next to none.
  • Includes Natural Vitamin E and Betacarotene.
  • Cold pressed and gravity filtered is the way nature intended it to be!
  • High smoke point of 420’f, 214’c
  • High in natural Chlorophyll

A Healthy Oil

Canola oil is low in saturated fat and contains both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in a ratio of 2:1. If consumed, it also reduces Low-density lipoprotein and overall cholesterol levels, and as a significant source of the essential omega-3 fatty acid is associated with reduced all-cause and cardiovascular mortality. Omega 9 regulates the blood sugar levels.  If we are low on omega 9 we see signs like having eczema.  It is recognized by many health professional organizations including the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and American Heart Association. Canola oil has been given a qualified health claim due to its high levels of cholesterol-lowering fats.

How should I store it?

The natural antioxidants are most effective when the oil is used within six months after opening the bottle. These compounds also break down more quickly when exposed to light, or to room temperature.
Refrigerate after opening, to preserve the fresh flavour and high nutritional benefits of the oil.

How to get some Canadian sunshine in a bottle?

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