Cold pressed Canola Heath Values

Mountainview cold pressed canola oil has many unique health benefits.
We need to emphasize our ability to ‘keep it natural’!
Our Canola oil retains its natural color, flavor and antioxidant compounds. We believe in keeping as much nutrients in our oil as possible.
‘Cold Pressing’  Benefits.

.Rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.

  • Lower saturated fat.
  • Includes natural  levels Vitamin E and chlorophyll.
  • Mountainview Canola is perfect for the COSMETICS industry due to our high levels of Omega 6,
  • Canola is known to reduce blood pressure, and is an amazing product that should be used by Diabetics!
  • Let’s give our PETS the gift of Heath, Shiny coats, healthy hearts!
  • Cold pressed and gravity filtered oil, the way nature intended.
  • No chemicals, no over processing, just PURE OIL! Just the way our ancestors would want it!

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