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Hard work=Flavour, Taste, And Quality. 

We are a one of a kind canola Oil producer!  Our High Quality Cold Pressed Canola Oil is made from  pure Canadian non GMO Canola seed.  We use no additives or chemicals in the way we process our oil.  Mountainview Canola Produces a natural oil, that retains its natural colour, distinct flavour, and healthy compounds.  Mountainview’s  cold pressed unrefined canola(virgin) oil quality shows in the , dark colour, and magnificent taste!  The nutty flavour makes it perfect for bread dips, salad dressings, marinades, sauces and baking, fantastic smoke point of 420 degrees makes it more than suitable for frying!

Produced in Western Canada, from #1 Canola seed grown locally in Strathmore, Alberta.

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  • Bright Vibrant Colour

    Our Cold pressed Canola oil has its natural golden colour and  nutty taste,

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  • Cold pressed Canola Heath Values

    Mountainview cold pressed canola oil has many unique health benefits. We need to emphasize our ability to ‘keep it natural’! Our Canola oil retains its natural color, flavor and antioxidant compounds. We believe in keeping as much nutrients in our oil as possible. ‘Cold Pressing’  Benefits. .Rich in Omega 3 &…

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  • Flavour Enhancing

    Cold Pressed Canola is a preferred oil that is used liberally in salad dressings, margarines, shortening, deep frying, baking, spreads, and creamers.

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